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As a well known independent sub-contract pad printing services provider, we provide volume print services to the Injection Moulded Plastics, Promotional Goods and Golf Ball industries. We are also sublimation printers of golf umbrellas and other white fabric products.

30 Years Experience

Established in 1981 we have over 30 years experience in pad printing and sublimation services and have probably already printed a component very similar to your current requirements. We are always happy to provide friendly advice and can supply fast competitive quotations.

Service Excellence

With our own dedicated artwork design department, in-house jig fixtures and plate making facilities we turn around most orders in just days. Always providing outstanding detail and accuracy, at Totalprint we take pride in meeting our customer's expectations in terms of quality and price.

Pad Printing Services
Pad printing is unique as it allows for quality printing onto irregular objects with complex shapes. The process uses silicone pads to provide a consistent multi colour print. Suitable for:
  • plastic mouldings
  • manufacturing components
  • promotional items
  • round items. EG. golf ball printing

Sublimation Printing Services
Sublimation printing is a heat, pressure and gas printing method that penetrates inks into the surface of suitable white fabrics. The process produces a highly durable finish in full colour that is particularly suitable for:
  • clothing
  • promotional items
  • umbrellas